About Us

In LAS Designs


We believes in producing architectural design which is relevant to society and contextual to the environment. With meticulous, well thought-out details, our buildings are well received by the public. Our buildings being aesthetically pleasing, are value-added products which our Clients can capitalize on.

Our Philosophy

We seeks the imagination, the empathy with human needs and the insight to interpret them in an architectural language that is both contextual and relevant - an architecture that captures the spirit and aspirations of today. Adaptable to change and proves an asset for years to come. Another key focus of our design is the concept of sustainability,thus we always strive to incorporate sustainable elements which work in harmony with the design.

Passionate Workers

Passion is when a person discovers work that they love and when that work becomes more than just a mode of income.Passion is the fuel that motivates and inspires people at work. An intangible asset that cannot be seen, passion makes employees happy at their jobs while increasing the bottom line.

And we have a team of Passionate Workers, who gives better end result with high quality performance from each team member.

Our Approach

Innovation depends on bright people. These people cost more and are far more valuable than the buildings they occupy... but it is a proven fact that the environment in which they work and live has a major impact on their effectiveness.